La Part des Anges

Detached house for 8 people
8 guests 3 bedrooms 130m2

Formerly, this house was the home of Cognac barrels. Over the years, as it matures, some of the alcohol evaporates from the casks, called La Part des Anges. Around the house, you can enjoy the peace and serenity that nature provides us.


Les Petits Toits

Detached house with a large private meadow
8 guests 3 bedrooms 130m2

You discover the meadow sage, lavender or hawthorn, hollyhocks or blackberries.
And perhaps, you will hear the hoopoe, nightingale or the walls.
Unless you prefer to play with ... crickets!


Les Vendanges

Charming house for 4 guests
4 guests 2 bedrooms 75m2

Depending on the season you can find broom, arbutus, Japanes anemones, ripe apples, cherries or cherry tomatoes and flowering sage, lemon thyme or hyssop. If you don't hear the croak of frogs on arrival you could well get to see some deer or hares.