La Brasserie Georgette

Saint-Georges de Didonne, France

The Brasserie Georgette has just been created in Saint-Georges de Didonne (hence its name). Created by Pauline Mabit, who moved on from a professional career, from the world of software to the world of beer. To embark on this exciting adventure and learn the craft of brewing, Pauline chose to cross the Atlantic before setting down her cans in our beautiful region ... discover her project and her brewery


The Charente-Maritime


Discover a beautiful area between land and sea, the Atlantic marshes at the gates of its estuaries. The Charente-Maritime reveals who knows to listen to the treasures of a unique heritage.


The estuary of the Gironde

Estuaire de la Gironde, France

On the map of France, is drawn a deep indentation on the Atlantic coast, is the Gironde estuary, located between the Poitou-Charentes and Aquitaine. It is the largest body of water in Europe, it was born of the meeting between the Garonne and Dordogne. Discover unique and varied landscapes.



Saintes, France

Located 15 kilometers from our homes, the city of Saintes is worth a look. Watered by the Charente where the city was originally developed on the left bank of the river, she is currently the sub-prefecture of Charente Maritime. Saintes has become a popular tourist town with an important Gallo-Roman heritage together, medieval and classical.